Product Types

Lighting Products:

Magnification, Medical, Industrial, Office, Computer and Overhead Lighting.

Magnification Products

Lighting Specialties offers a wide range of magnification solutions for industrial, medical, scientific or hobby applications. Manufacturers include Luxo, Waldmann, Dazor, O.C. White and Electrix.

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Microscopes
  • Digital Imaging ESD Safe
  • UltraViolet
  • Handheld

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Medical Lighting

Lighting Specialties’ range of medical lighting includes both major and minor surgical lighting, examination and procedural lights and magnification lights. Manufacturers include Burton, Waldmann, Derungs, Sunnex, Wolf, and Luxo.

  • Major Surgical
  • Minor Surgical
  • Examination
  • Magnification X-Ray Viewers
  • Dental Labs
  • Facility
  • Patient Room

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Machine and Industrial Lighting

Lighting Specialties provides lighting for industrial and machine applications that require durable, waterproof and flexible lighting. Manufacturers include Waldmann, O.C. White, Dazor, Electrix, Luxo and Fostoria.

  • LED
  • Halogen
  • Incandescent Waterproof Fluorescent
  • Machine Magnifier
  • Waterproof Tubular Fluorescent

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Office and Computer Lighting

Lighting Specialties can provide a full range of office lighting solutions from overhead lighting to desktop lighting. Manufacturers include Waldmann, Luxo, Dazor and Light Corp.

  • Adjustable Arm – Fluorescent
  • Adjustable Arm – Halogen
  • Adjustable Arm – Incandescent Adjustable Arm – LED
  • Under Cabinet
  • Indirect

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